Winter 2012 Newsletter

Enjoy the newsletter for Fall/Winter 2012 here, compiled by Historian/Reporter Joseph Peiser.

Chapter Update: October 10th, 2012

Things are off to a great start this semester for the Delta Sigma chapter. For the Spring 2012 semester, our chapter averaged a 3.34 GPA, easily exceeding both the all-male and all-Greek averages on campus and placing 2nd amongst all fraternities at Carnegie Mellon. In addition to our commitment to scholarship, our chapter also made great philanthropic efforts during the Spring 2012 semester. The average number of service hours per member in our chapter was 3rd amongst fraternities, while our total money raised for charity throughout the semester was 2nd amongst fraternities. The chapter has carried this momentum into the Fall 2012 semester and kept it going with our strong Fall Rush, where we welcomed 11 new candidates.

- Michael Guyer ΔΣ 1408

Spring 2012 Newsletter

The Spring 2012 Newsletter has been written and can now be downloaded here.

Chapter Update

This year the Delta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Nu has made some great strides to improve our internal operations and university relations. Our judicial board is continuing to develop and be used more and more to bring about a larger sense of responsibility and accountability. In addition, we are working on putting together a reward system for brothers who go above and beyond the expectations of a brother. Our relations with Student Life and our National office have continued to improve and we are constantly striving to continue that. A couple years ago we started a policy requiring brothers to be a member of another organization before activating - this change is showing great promise. Freshmen Tanuj Apte is a member of the Deewane men's acappella group, Junior Michael Serebrennikov is president of the Russian House, Freshmen Cameron Hall and Junior John Sperger play on the school Rugby team, and much more. House unity is as strong as ever and we look forward to Buggy Rolls in the spring, Spring Carnival, and the exciting semester to come.

- Mitch Luban ΔΣ 1380


We would like to apologize for the website being down for the last few weeks. We have moved to an external host and now finally updated the DNS configuation to bring back up again. We hope that the new host will prove more reliable in the future.


The newsletter for spring 2010 has been posted here. Enjoy!

25th Anniversary Buggy Reunion

Next year's Spring Carnival will mark the 25th anniversary of Sigma Nu's last buggy victory in 1985. To both honor the occasion and cheer on the current Zoo buggy team, alumni from that era will be returning for another reunion, April 15-17, 2010.

As you may recall, more than 100 alums and family members from graduating classes spanning the mid-70's to the early 90's attended our 20th Zoo Buggy reunion in 2005. If you came then, you know what a blast it was. If you missed that reunion, this is your chance to make up for that lapse in judgement and join us. See you next April.

More details on the reunion will be available via the following link:

Extending the Deadline

Because of overwhelmingly positive response to the Everyman Scholarship Prize Application, we have decided to extend the deadline until the first day of classes (Monday Aug. 24). Keep the applications coming and enjoy your summer.

Network Outage

All outgoing network traffic from our building was stopped due to problems with a network switch. This caused our site to be offline for the past week or so, and we're working on making it more stable for the future. Our sincerest apologies to potential scholarship applicants. Everything is back up now and ready to go.


We are the Delta Sigma chapter of Sigma Nu, founded in 1916 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Sigma Nu was founded on the principles of love, truth, and honor and these are the guiding forces behind our brotherhood. Members form friendships that last a lifetime, gain life skills that accelerate them through the real world, and experience an academic environment like none other.

To find out more about our mission and history, please visit the creed and history sections of this site. If you are interested in visiting the house and meeting our brothers, please contact us and check out our social calendar for the month.

If you are an incoming freshman for the Fall 2009 semester and are interested in applying for the Everyman Scholarship Prize, please visit the scholarship page.